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Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Engineering

Welcome to the Lab of Biopolymers For Food and Health

We moved to a new Website: https://livney.technion.ac.il/  


Our group aims at improving human health both by preventive nutrition and by diagnostic/curative biomedicine.

Our research focusses on biopolymers, their extraction, properties, and applications in food and nanomedicine.

Fundamentally we study biopolymer interactions with low molecular weight compounds in aqueous solutions.

Our studies encompass the whole range from basic physical chemistry, through in-vitro cell cultures and in-vivo animal studies, to human clinical trials.

Listen to a poscast about our research, and about the recent Algalafel project


Food & Dietary supplement applications include:

Extracting proteins and polysaccharides from new & renewable raw materials, like algae

Encapsulation of nutraceuticals for enrichment of foods & beverages

Maximizing bioavailability of antioxidants in food & dietary supplements

Targeted prebiotic particles for supporting probiotics in the gut microbiome

Enhancing protein stability by manipulating water structure


Nanomedicine applications include:

Anticancer drug delivery systems for diagnostics & treatment

Antioxidant delivery for prevention of radiation damages

Novel insulin delivery systems


Prof. Livney is awarded the Yanai Prize for teaching excellence

הטכניון שותף בקונסורציום בינלאומי שיעצב את עולם המזון בעשור הקרוב, בעקבות זכיית הקונסורציום בתחרות של המכון האירופי לחדשנות וטכנולוגיה ובמענק של 400 מליון יורו

Recently Published paper and Cover Image:

Re-assembled casein micelles improve in vitro bioavailability of vitamin D in a Caco-2 cell model
Yifat Cohen, Moran Levi, Uri Lesmes, Marielle Margier, Emmanuelle Reboulc, and Yoav D. Livney *

A TV news cast in AlHurra, about the casein nanovehicles for gastric cancer treatment.

The Milky Way for overcoming drug-resistant Gastric Cancer:
A paper published in Oncotarget.

Upcoming invited talks in International conferences

  • Yoav D. Livney (Keynote Speaker), Delivery of Functionality in Complex Food Systems, July 2019 Porto, Portugal.

Recent conferences our work was presented in:

  1. Yoav D. Livney, (Invited speaker) Ravit Edelman, Iliya Kusner, Renata Kisiliak, & Simcha Srebnik. Sugar stereochemistry effects on water structure and on protein stability: The templating concept. 255th ACS National Meeting & Exposition; Water in Foods Symposium in honor of Louise Slade & Harry Levine, New Orleans March 18-20 2018.
  2. Adi Seifert, Shay Freilich, Yechezkel Kashi & Yoav D. Livney, Keynote lecture, Novel Vehicles for Targeted Delivery to Gut Probiotics, 17th Food Colloids Conference at University of Leeds in April 8-11th 2018 UK.\
  3. Yoav D. Livney (Keynote Speaker), (Nature‐inspired protein nanotechnology for delivery of nutraceuticals and anti‐cancer drugs), 2018 AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo in Minneapolis on May 6-9.
  4. Yoav D. Livney (Selected to be Speaker & Discussion leader) for the Meeting: Nanoscale Science and Engineering for Agriculture and Food Systems Gordon Research Conference, June 03-08, 2018 Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, MA United States.
  5. Yoav D. Livney (Invited Speaker) BioNanoMed 2019 – Nanotechnology enables Personalized Medicine 15–17 April 2019, Graz/Austria www.bionanomed.at
  6. Yoav D. Livney (Invited Speaker and Session moderator) Microbiome & Probiotics series: Europe, 6th microbiome R&D & Business Collaboration Forum/ 3rd Probiotics Congress 20-22 May 2019 Rotterdam, The Netherland.